Sabtu, 09 April 2011

greatful days

On the 3rd of April, me and my boyfriend (Ryan) officially 20 years old.. yaa, we were born at the same time, date, month and year. this is just a coincidence. hehe :P
In this birthday, i hope we will be better than before, good health, long age, finish our college study, be succes, and all of our dreams become true.
my age is 20 years old but i still feel immature! yes, feel still teens. haha

there was no special celebration in my birthday. Initially, on the night before the 3rd of April, me and ryan wanted to have dinner together, but at that time every restaurants was fulled by the customer. And we choose to go back home. when we go, our friends (TRB) had prepared a little surprise for Ryan at my home, and had been planned by me and TRB. ;)

Thanks a lot for my family and all of my friends..
Love you all :* :)

and this is the fun photo time, starting from when me and Ryan go out for dinner and took a time to take photos from the street, a little surprise at home and also a surprise from my friends (Anggun, Ellen, Windy, Acie, Neng Asty) at campus.

 this cake made by me :)

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