Senin, 11 April 2011

new me :)

hi dear readers!
today's exactly a week after my twentieth birthday and I decided to change my appearance. Yes! From now, im wearing a hijab. I think it's the time. Maybe for some people it's sounds a bit too fast, but I really want this since last year.
With hijab, I expect the blessing of God and my faith grew stronger or be more religius, amin. But, im still love photos, fashion, cooking and also "asoy geboy ngebut dijalanan" (speeding on the steet) and came to the gigs (maybe). hehe \m/
for speeding on the street, I have reasons of it. With speeding, I can shorten the time, so not much time wasted on the road. but still speeding with carefully :)
Well, that's me. not much change from me, because I was me, not anyone else.
I'm still me, just in a different packaging. :)

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