Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Fashion Affair

last night, I came to Plaza Indonesia to attend fashion Affair organized by the Urban Icon. There also exist some bloggers who were invited on that event. There are some fun games provided to us with a super prize draw. Njun and I got a gift voucher 500k, and My Sweetie got a super cute DKNY watch. had so much fun last nite! We did some fun crazy things and that was very pleasant at all . haha :D
thanks so much for Ryan, Anggun, Ellen and Mas Jefrey who has accompanied me to attend this event and also big thanks for Urban Icon and the bloggers :)

unbranded hijab and long tanktop, thrifted outwear, LOGO jegging, 10Dencies Shoes, costum made bag.
Ellen (Eyen), Anggun (Njun), Me :)
with fifi and hanna from hijab-scraf
with June Paski
Sonia Eryka :)
Casual Sunday
Andhitia Sofyan

Sweet Couple ( Eyen + mas Jef) :P

gift voucher @500k :D
gift voucher and DKNY watch. thanks Urban Icon :)

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