Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Fashion Affair

last night, I came to Plaza Indonesia to attend fashion Affair organized by the Urban Icon. There also exist some bloggers who were invited on that event. There are some fun games provided to us with a super prize draw. Njun and I got a gift voucher 500k, and My Sweetie got a super cute DKNY watch. had so much fun last nite! We did some fun crazy things and that was very pleasant at all . haha :D
thanks so much for Ryan, Anggun, Ellen and Mas Jefrey who has accompanied me to attend this event and also big thanks for Urban Icon and the bloggers :)

unbranded hijab and long tanktop, thrifted outwear, LOGO jegging, 10Dencies Shoes, costum made bag.
Ellen (Eyen), Anggun (Njun), Me :)
with fifi and hanna from hijab-scraf
with June Paski
Sonia Eryka :)
Casual Sunday
Andhitia Sofyan

Sweet Couple ( Eyen + mas Jef) :P

gift voucher @500k :D
gift voucher and DKNY watch. thanks Urban Icon :)

Senin, 25 April 2011

red vs brown

I had never wore a lot of colors and motifs in my appearance before. But now I tried to wear it. These day I wear red shawl and brown hijab. not bad :)

my mom's hijab and shawl, thrifted shirt, Jeans from mangdu.

Minggu, 24 April 2011

rock and rolla

Today, phm band should perform at a school event, but apparently that event was postponed until next week without announcement before. This made ​​us very disappointed :(

my mom's headscraf, TRB shirt, DIY crop jacket, jegging, 10dencies shoes.

maxi stripes

I was came to the gigs ( again ! ) @moe Bintaro with TRB'S family and PHM Band last nite. I was look defferent from each other because i used hijab, and finally became the center of attention. haha XD

Senin, 11 April 2011

new me :)

hi dear readers!
today's exactly a week after my twentieth birthday and I decided to change my appearance. Yes! From now, im wearing a hijab. I think it's the time. Maybe for some people it's sounds a bit too fast, but I really want this since last year.
With hijab, I expect the blessing of God and my faith grew stronger or be more religius, amin. But, im still love photos, fashion, cooking and also "asoy geboy ngebut dijalanan" (speeding on the steet) and came to the gigs (maybe). hehe \m/
for speeding on the street, I have reasons of it. With speeding, I can shorten the time, so not much time wasted on the road. but still speeding with carefully :)
Well, that's me. not much change from me, because I was me, not anyone else.
I'm still me, just in a different packaging. :)

Sabtu, 09 April 2011

greatful days

On the 3rd of April, me and my boyfriend (Ryan) officially 20 years old.. yaa, we were born at the same time, date, month and year. this is just a coincidence. hehe :P
In this birthday, i hope we will be better than before, good health, long age, finish our college study, be succes, and all of our dreams become true.
my age is 20 years old but i still feel immature! yes, feel still teens. haha

there was no special celebration in my birthday. Initially, on the night before the 3rd of April, me and ryan wanted to have dinner together, but at that time every restaurants was fulled by the customer. And we choose to go back home. when we go, our friends (TRB) had prepared a little surprise for Ryan at my home, and had been planned by me and TRB. ;)

Thanks a lot for my family and all of my friends..
Love you all :* :)

and this is the fun photo time, starting from when me and Ryan go out for dinner and took a time to take photos from the street, a little surprise at home and also a surprise from my friends (Anggun, Ellen, Windy, Acie, Neng Asty) at campus.

 this cake made by me :)